About Us

Planters & Citizens Bank (P&C Bank) is a thriving, community oriented, progressive, single office financial institution located in the heart of Southwest Georgia. Changes in banking procedures and banking services are made when desired to accommodate the needs of a multi-faceted, agri-business community, as well as any person who wants to do business with a bank that can be trusted. The value and banking needs of an individual or a business are foremost in the plans of the P&C Bank.

Looking Ahead...

Although P&C Bank has evolved with the advancement of technology, it has remained as it was begun--strong, stable and progressive. Now, the P&C Bank is ready to offer banking services on both a community and regional level. The integrity of the P&C Bank has been a hallmark since its beginning, and is the cornerstone for its future. Its trustworthiness and soundness has been extended now to digital delivery, bringing with it a new millennium of growth, prosperity, and service to its customers.

Over the past 100 years, the P&C Bank has not just been building a financial institution; we have been building a community. P&C Bank, since its inception, has been a vital part of Camilla and Mitchell County. It has been in the business of making Camilla and Mitchell County and now the City of Forsyth and Monroe County a better place for its citizens to live and work. It has been that way for 100 years. It's going to stay that way.