Mission Statement

The mission of Planters and Citizens Bank is to promote economic growth and stability within our community, provide high quality financial services to our customers, maximize shareholder value, and afford our employees the opportunity to attain a good standard of living. In fulfilling our mission, goals will be pursued which:

  • As a community bank will continue to contribute human resources and leadership to help our community thrive.
  • Provide our customers with innovative and excellent financial products and superior service.
  • Maximize value to our shareholders through long-term growth of their investment.
  • Attract, train and retain high quality employees and provide them an environment in which they feel motivated to achieve outstanding performance and in which they can obtain a sense of personal worth, growth, achievement, recognition and respect.
  • Create an aggressive sales and service culture throughout the bank.

Integrity Statement

As we keep in mind the above stated mission and goals of Planters & Citizens Bank, we will do nothing that compromises our integrity, even if the bottom line suffers. At the same time, we will not deal with those who compromise their integrity. We will always carry out the business of this bank with integrity, doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.