Planters and Citizens Bank (P&C Bank) is a thriving, community oriented, progressive single office financial institution located in the heart of Southwest Georgia. Changes in banking procedures and banking services are made when desired to accommodate the needs of a multi-faceted, agri-business community, as well as any person who wants to do business with a bank that can be trusted. The value and banking needs of an individual or a business are foremost in the plans of the P&C Bank.

Early History

The history of the Planters & Citizens Bank goes back to 1904. That is the year in which The Citizens Bank was chartered.

The Planters Bank and the Citizens Bank both opened their doors in the early 1900's. The larger of these two, Citizens Bank, located on Broad Street, was led by its president and director, George C. Cochran. The Planters Bank was headed by G. B. Cochran, the brother of the before mentioned George. At the time there were seven additional banks located in Mitchell County. Of those eight banks, four are now closed.

On June 13, 1913, the Planters Bank and the Citizens Bank merged to form the Planters & Citizens Bank, under the original Citizens Bank charter. The bank was originally housed in the existing Citizens Bank structure until it was moved in 1956 to its present location on Harney Street. When the two banks merged, George C. Cochran, president of the Citizens Bank, became the first president of the Planters & Citizens Bank. He served in this position until his death in 1914. G. B. Cochran was elected Vice President of the new bank and served in that position until his brother's death in 1914, at which time he took over as president. G. B. remained president of the bank until he died in the fall of 1937. In 1924, G. B. Cochran's son A. B., fondly known as "Bubba", came to work with the bank. Bubba was an assistant cashier from 1927 until 1946. In January of 1946, he was elected Vice President of the bank, a position that he held until June 1972. Throughout his 48 years with the bank, Bubba also served on the Board of Directors.

During the early years after consolidation, T. G. Tyson came to the bank and held a position on the Board of Directors. Tyson served as a director until 1942. Following G. B. Cochran's death, Tyson was elected president in January of 1938. He held this position until January 1942.


In 1942, E. J. Vann, Jr. (E. J.) was elected President of the P&C Bank, and he served in that position until 1959. Mr. Vann first joined the bank in 1914 for five years and then again in the 1930's. He continued to hold the position of Chairman until his death in June 1968. The P&C Bank had grown in deposits from approximately $125,000 in 1913 to $3,577,000 in 1957 according to a Statement of Condition dated December 31, 1957.


Emory Judson Vann, III (Smokey) became President in 1959 when his father retired. Mr. Smokey Vann joined the bank in 1939, but left during WWII and rejoined the bank in December 1944. As in the past, the P&C Bank continued to thrive under his leadership. When Smokey passed away in June 1969, his wife, Hilda Hancock Vann, became a Director and held this position until December 1983.


In 1969 Joe Barber Adams was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the P&C Bank after E. J. Vann, III passed away. Mr. Adams served the bank as a teller, Assistant Cashier, and Cashier. Adams served as President until his retirement in December 1983 when he was elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, which he held until his death on August 1, 1997. The P&C Bank continued to increase its holdings of assets throughout Joe Barber Adams' term as President.

In addition, in the 1960's Frank C. Vann, a well-known Camilla attorney, joined the Board of Directors. Vann was the son of E. J. Vann, Jr. and the younger brother of E. J. Vann, III. He was elected Chairman in 1969 and served in this position until December 1973.


Emory Judson Vann, IV (Jud) was elected to the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer in December of 1983. Since July 1971 Jud served as Assistant Cashier, Cashier, Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Executive Vice President of the P&C Bank before following in both his father's and grandfather's footsteps by becoming President. Jud held the three positions of Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of P&C Bank. Throughout Jud Vann's term the bank has prospered through visionary leadership and stable business practices.

2018 – Present

Susan Vann Moss was elected to the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer in January of 2018 with Jud Vann continuing as Chairman of P & C Bank. Since 2006 Susan served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of P & C Bank before following in her father's, grandfather's and great-grandfather's footsteps by becoming President. Susan Vann Moss continues the long tradition of stable leadership, community involvement and growth that have been a hallmark of P & C Bank.


Although P&C Bank has evolved with the advancement of technology, it has remained as it was begun—strong, stable and progressive. The integrity of the P&C Bank has been a hallmark since its beginning and is the cornerstone for its future. Its trustworthiness and soundness has been extended now to digital delivery, bringing with it a new millennium of growth, prosperity, and service to its customers.

Over the past 100 years, the Planters & Citizens Bank has not just been building a financial institution; we have been building a community. P&C Bank, since its inception, has been a vital part of Camilla and Mitchell County and now has added the City of Forsyth and Monroe County to its community. It has been in the business of making Camilla and Mitchell County a better place for its citizens to live and work and looks forward to doing the same for Forsyth and Monroe County. It has been that way for 100 years. It's going to stay that way.