People have trusted P&C Bank's deep roots and deeper values for 100 years. Here's why...

“We appreciate P&C’s great customer service. The tellers are so friendly, and everyone is very courteous and treats customers fairly. It’s fast and convenient, yet still very friendly. They always call if we need to know something, so we trust that nothing will ever slip up on us. They take care of us not only financially, but personally as well.”
Ben and Gustine Hayward, customers since 1982

“Our family has a trustworthy, tried and true relationship built over our many years with P&C Bank. We feel it’s important for our children to save for their future, and they earn a little money through small jobs around the house. We want them to learn to manage what they earn and know how to save it for a rainy day. They are going to be the next generation in our family’s relationship with P&C.”
Mark and Susan Glass, children’s savings account customers since 1999

“My family’s done business with P&C since the 1940s, and I started there with a savings account when I was 8 years old. I’ve always had crop loans with P&C and financed equipment and vehicles with them. They’ve been right beside me even when things weren’t good. I know the people, I trust them and they’ve always been very fair and honest with me.”
John “Bubba” Johnson, agricultural customer since 1975

“We would not be where we are today without the help of P&C Bank. They took a chance on an idea we had and did our initial loan, which began our more than 20 year relationship with them. In that time, they’ve helped us add more than 400 trailers to our rental fleet and have supported us in every way. They are friends who understand our goals and are willing to help us figure out how to make them happen.”
Donna Stewart, Hays Liquid Transport, commercial customer since 1989